Why I started my business and how business should be

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Helping people is something I really enjoy doing. The thing I love about it most is seeing the smiles on their face when I solve their issue. I am 100% genuine about loving to help people, it is not just a marketing thing or to appeal as a goody goody kind of guy.

There are a lot of bad things in this world already, so I want to put some good into it. I don't have an expansive reach but just seeing one smile is all it takes. I often serve Kupuna here on Molokai and many of them would get frustrated with tech. So seeing them happy that the tech is working brings absolute joy.

When I think of business, I don't think of the typical big corporate cold hearted business. Instead, I think of a business like how I think of a family. Yes making a profit is important to keep the business going but its more important to create meaningful long lasting relationship with your clients or customers. Its vital that you do what you say you do, that you solve problems and provide solutions.

A business should provide a product/service that fills a need, solves issues, satisfies customers and be able to sustain itself. While it's great to be professional, it's better to be empathetic, caring and human.

I read and study the bible every morning and when I am doing business I think of this verse:

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another - John 13:34

I think of this verse because it reminds me of what Jesus said we must do, to love one another. It doesn't have to be mushy kind of love but having a genuine and general care for the person next to you goes a long way. Business changes significantly when you care, when you feel.

Caring causes you to take greater caution and be more attentive in what you do. Caring enables you to give it your best.

To others who own a business, my advice to you: Take care in what you do, love the work you do even if it isn't the work you love and for those of faith put the LORD first in everything you do.

Don't forget about your family too! Make sure you have a balance family/work life.

If you're just starting a business or contemplating starting one make sure you have your why first.

A hui hou and thank you for reading.

John Elliot Honukai Puaoi