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If your an online shopper, never buy anything without the honey extension. Seriously, using Honey is an effortless way to unlock the deals of the internet.

What is Honey?

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies the best available coupon codes on 40,000+ websites (browser: an internet browser such as Google Chrome, extension: a small program that brings enhanced functionality to your browser) .

If your an Amazon shopper, it gets better, honey will search all of Amazon and find the best price.

More on that in a bit.

In one click, you'll get the best deal possible on every purchase and earn Honey Gold, which can be redeemed for gift cards at popular stores (even if there wasn't an available coupon).

Join over 10 million people that use the honey extension.

Over 10 million people, including myself, use honey to earn and save while they spend. Why not? It's basically free money!

How to get the Honey Extension

Installing honey in your browser is quick and painless. Literally anyone can do it.

1. Start by clicking the button below.

2. Click the orange "Add to [your web browsers name] - It's Free" button on the new page.

Stop searching for coupon codes and have them automatically applied.

3. A small prompt will show up asking you to install honey, click yes, allow, continue etc. A second prompt may show asking you to confirm your choice.

honey extension installation
honey installation confirmation

Note: Depending on your browser, your screen may look different than these screenshots. On every browser the concept is the same though, your just adding an extension/add-on.

4. After installing a sign up page will open, either sign up with your email or social media account.

Honey sign up page

After signing up your done! Start saving immediately. Honey will open a welcome page where they offer to show you a demo of how the extension works, or to see a list of available deals.

It's up to you if you would like to follow through with either option, it's not necessary.

How to save money with Honey

Now that you have the extension installed, head over to any website you like to shop at.

Now look on the top right of your browser and click on the little orange "h". A window like below appears, click "Find savings" to show any available deals on that website.

honey showing that there are deals available

Honey will start searching for any coupons and apply them.

the honey extension testing and applying coupon codes

If any coupons are valid, they are applied and a confirmation window shows up showing your savings and how much honey gold you could earn.

Honey extension confirmation window showing savings and honey gold

You don't have to search the whole site, you can check any items that are already in your cart by clicking the little "h" at checkout.

Honey will tell you if it hasn't found any valid coupons but not to worry you can still earn honey gold with your purchase.

Shopping smart on Amazon with Honey

If your an avid shopper on Amazon, you'll enjoy this next benefit of Honey.

One click and Honey automatically compares millions of sellers to find you the best price on the item you’re looking for. It will even factor in shipping and Prime status.

honey checking amazon for a better price for the current item your looking for

If a better deal is found you can swap to the different seller and put the product into your cart in just one click.

If you currently have the best deal Honey will let you know, it will also show you the recent price history of that product to help you decide to buy now or later.

Honey also has a feature called a droplist which is essentially a list of items that honey with monitor for price changes. Honey will notify you if there is a price drop. You'll never miss a sale!

honey will notify you if there is a price drop

Earn honey gold and redeem for gift cards

Honey has a rewards program that can give you up to 20% back on eligible purchases. You can then take that gold and redeem it for gift cards at popular online stores.

Redeem your honey gold for gift cards at popular stores

1000 gold equals $10, so earn 10000 gold and you get $100 in a gift card at a store of your choosing.

Each eligible purchase will show up under your honey account. You'll see a pending label next to the specific purchase that was eligible to earn gold.

Every purchase will have a 45-60 day window where honey awaits confirmation from the vendor you purchased from to confirm that your purchase actually went through and to make sure that you did not request a refund.

honey gold dashboard showing pending gold

Once your purchase is confirmed the gold is added to your account. You can manage your gold by going to honeys website and clicking "Honey Gold" near the top right.

You'll see a window that has an overview. redeem and offers section. To cash out your gold for gift cards you'll head to the redeem section. If you click offers you'll see a list of stores and their current rewards rate for gold.

Honey is Money - Recap

Honey is a money saving, money giving, free browser extension that takes 2 minutes to install.

The benefits

Save money by automatically having thousands of coupons tested and applied on thousands of sites.

Get notified of the best deals and prices on Amazon.

Earn up to 20% back on your purchases and redeem for gift cards at popular sites.

If you didn't click the button before to get Honey, here it is again.

If you have any questions/comments or you need help with Honey, please contact me by clicking the "send a message" button at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively you can refer to my contact info near the bottom of the page to get my email or phone number.

Happy savings/earnings,