Stop using Google search now (use this instead)

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To the average Joe, it may seem that when your on the internet, its just you, what you do remains a mystery to others. However, that is not the case.

Most sites use these things called cookies (sounds good, doesn't it?) which have many uses, one of which is to track your activity. Facebook, Google, Bing, they all use them, mainly to help them display relevant ads. They do so by tracking your browser and search history and then display similar things based on relevance to said activity.

Ever wonder why after doing a google search for funny cat videos, a bunch of cat sweater ads show up? i'm kidding about the cats but I'm serious about the tracking.

For me, personally, it's not a problem but for some, it's an issue. If it is for you then head over to duckduckgo now.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Search Engine

What is duckduckgo?

No, its not a game, its a search engine that allows you to search privately, block trackers and have a secure connection. So instead of searching on Google or Bing, you could use duckduckgo and have a peace of mind when it comes to privacy.

You can also add the extension to your web browser, and receive the same privacy essentials that you get with the search engine. So even when your not seraching for something, you'll have your privacy where ever the internet takes you.

To add the extension, click the blue "Add DuckDuckGo to [your web brosers name]" button and your all set.

DuckDuckGo never stores your personal info

They also have a mobile app for IOS and Android devices to take your privacy with you on any device.

Enjoy your privacy!