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Why updating your computer is a must-do

For business

For home


From time to time, especially on Windows 10 you'll see a notification saying something about an update. Instinctively you ignore it, however, it's abs...

Save & Earn Money with Honey, a free tool


For home

For business

If your an online shopper, never buy anything without the honey extension. Seriously, using Honey is an effortless way to unlock the deals of the inte...

Why I started my business and how business should be

For business

For home

Helping people is something I really enjoy doing. The thing I love about it most is seeing the smiles on their face when I solve their issue. I am 100...

Watch your business boom with 1 change to your site

For business


Your website is key to the success of your business. Websites are no longer playing the role they did in the 90's. A business's online presence sh...

5 Ways Quickbooks Will Improve Your Business


For business

Running your own business is tough and managing the financial side is tougher. Trust me, I know. So start using Intuits Quickbooks software. ...

Business update on services due to COVID-19

For business

Aloha Kakou, I apologize for such a late post on this but I did make a few announcements on my business Facebook page regarding COVID-19. For those...


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